Minibus Hire in York

Local Self Drive Minibus York

It is not in doubt that we have very efficient drivers for all our minibuses. But we will also release the buses to you when you demand to drive them by yourself. This is because your weekend getaways should involve people of common interest. The hen parties and stag nights are supposed to bring together people of the same inclinations. This is the only time the trips will be enjoyed maximally. However, you have to show us an undeniable proof that you are capable of handling our minibuses properly when we relinquish them into your hands.

The fact is that no one has ever rejected a cheap but high-quality service in York. So far as the service is top notch and cheap at the same time, it will always be preferred. We make our self drive Minibus Service so cheap for you. This is partly because the money you pay for the driver is now deducted.

In our fleet of self-drive buses are buses of several sizes. In fact, for all our buses, ranging from the 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 seat types, we have the self-drive option. You also have to remember that these vehicles are from the most premium brands, and they are innovative and modern models.

So, we will expect you to look at the elegance and class of the vehicles you are handed and take good care of them. They come with gadgets that you need to enjoy the entire trip. They include seats that you can recline on, an air ventilation system that could be controlled, posh and elegant interior and exterior, and safety gadgets like tracking systems, airbags, and seat belts.

You can pre-book our self-drive minibus as long as you want, and a reservation would be made for you. You can also get this instantly whenever you need one because we have many in our fleet. We also have VIP self-drive minibuses that will come with many customized features depending on what you need.